About Aryarth Housing Finance Ltd

About Aryarth Housing Finance Ltd

Home is where the heart is, an age-old saying and true for every Indian. We all grow with the dream of our own house and keep the maximum part of our earning aside to buy the house of our dreams.
Buying a house is easy when you have the money or the required bank balance to buy one. But it becomes difficult when you do not have the resources to buy and still want to buy.
Aryarth Housing Finance Ltd. offers quick and easy housing finance solutions to you to realize your dream. We are a newly established housing finance company duly registered under National Housing Bank (NHB) with Head Office at Mumbai. With our operations already started in Mumbai, we look forward to establishing a pan India presence, in a phased manner.

Customer Base

Aryarth Housing Finance Ltd has a clear focus on deeper penetration into affordable housing finance segment catering to mainly underserved segment comprising of both salaried and self-employed individuals. Company offers wide range of borrowing options covering home and non-home loans products ranging from Rs. 1,00,000 – 25,00,000. Company also has receivables discounting product for small size developers engaged in construction of affordable housing projects

Product Base

Our products are designed keeping in mind our customers unique need. We understand that our customers need finance solutions that suit their pockets. Hence, our products are akin with their needs to give them access to their own homes. Our credit policies are simple and we adopt a hassle-free approach to lend housing loans.

Management Capability

Aryarth Housing Finance Ltd is backed by large business  group and managed by leading professionals from the industry with successful track record. The management team has rich industry experience to cater affordable housing finance segment. The company’s management is also committed to create a world class lending institution that will help in promoting housing solutions for all initiative.

Technical Capability

As a new entrant, we want to harness technology as our differentiator. All our processes and solutions will be driven by technology and we wish to focus on customer experience rather than just customer service. We will make optimum use of technology in reaching out to our target customers. It will give us more time and also save our overhead expenses.

Business Capability

The company foresee a huge potential in small-ticket, affordable housing segment that presents a good business opportunity for the company. There is also a push from the government and there are subsidies available for customers falling under affordable housing segment  to borrow now than before. The company with its substantial seed capital, strong management backing and multiple Indian and Foreign investors is here to set its strong foothold on the affordable housing segment.